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Database Marketing   A well-designed database is a vital sales and marketing tool saving valuable time, resource and in turn spend. Store contacts and their preferences, pre-schedule sales activity, create email templates and set up automated communications, an effective database does the thinking for you.  

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Consultancy   Websites, social media pages and customer databases offer a wealth of insight. Relationship Marketing or CRM is about accessing and interpreting the data available to better understand your customers and build lasting relationships  centred on relevancy and trust.

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Marketing Support   Working with a trusted network we allow your business to benefit from specialist expertise on a flexible basis.  So whether you are looking for email, reporting and analysis, websites, mobile apps or print we can deliver a quality and personal service to suit your budget.

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Helping you use your data to make better business decisions

Target the right consumers to increase sales and profits, and build stronger relationships with your customers


I'm Marie Eyre, and I can help your business become more productive, more efficient and more successful by using your data to drive results.

I'm a self-confessed geek with a huge passion for data. Admittedly I never dreamt of embracing the data world - instead it was something I fell into.

Ten years ago as my sales and marketing career started, I learned the power of using data to build competitive advantage, and quickly became hooked on the results and potential. After all, why waste time targeting the unlikely, when you can focus your efforts where consumers are crying out for the product or service you're offering?

Experience and passion

In today's digital world data is available in abundance, and it can be hard to know how to manage and use it to get the best results for your business.

Using my skills, experience and passion, I'll create a strategy to maximise your data, and help you achieve results that are beyond your expectations.

What to expect

Using Google Analytics I was able to identify the most likely reasons why website visits did not convert.  Previously the website generated an average of two enquiries a month, following a few basic changes to the website copy the site generated 9 enquiries in the first week.
After 3 months the site was creating an average of 22 enquiries per month.
optimise website leads and search engine ranking
A basic data capture strategy allows you to understand customer engagement and purchasing behavior. Understand what is working best to generate sales or engage and build relationships with existing customers. Spend more time and marketing budget on what you know works.
In today's world people expect more from brands, they want you to talk to them as an individual, data can help you connect!
know your customer
Introducing automated communications can ensure you cost effectively talk to your customers throughout their sales lifecycle.
Knowing how and when to communicate will increase conversion of sales and improve customer retention. The right expertise will help you understand how you can improve the way you connect with consumers across each place they interact with your brand.
brilliant basics

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